Need a Permit to Carry a Concealed Weapon?

At FairWarning Training we offer courses in all types of Firearms as well as the tactical skills to use them effectively. We offer classes and seminars in unarmed self-defense/ Close Quarter Combat. And of course, Concealed Carry Certification for the nation’s best permit to have in your wallet, The Utah’s Concealed Carry Permit.

We are NRA approved instructors for just about every course the National Rifle Association offers, including Refuse to Be a Victim and Personal Safety Inside and Outside the Home. 

California and Utah Class Schedules

In March and April of 2015 FairWarning will be at the Crossroad's Gun show in Sacramento, Calif (Cal Expo and in Orange County at the FairGrounds (Costa Mesa,Calif) and in San Francisco Calif at the Cow Palace. (See Dates and times under CCW Classes)

These courses are available to Any U.S. Resident. Look at event calenar for details.

Utah Courses are also taught at FairWarning offices in Midvale, Utah (see calendar for location)

Basic firearm, concealed carry certification and more advanced classes are also available as well as certification for Armed and Unarmed Security Guards and Armored Transport officers. FairWarning also offers the firearm enhancement certification for Bail Enforcement officers. 

See Concealed Carry Classes link for details on times, cost, etc.. and to sign up.

With a Utah Concealed Carry Permit You may legally Carry in 35* states. No additional charge for longer, more intensive course as desired or needed. No shooting/range time is required (Always offered and available but not required) As of July 2009 Nevada has dropped recognition of Utah's Permit. 

Utah CCW<br />

The Utah Concealed Carry Permit

Utah has the MOST Valuable CCW Permit in the Nation. It is recognized in 34* states at this time.(See Map)  We just picked up WV, PA and NE

As of July 1 2009 Nevada recinded its recognition of Utah's permit. ( but... we are working on a remedy for this)

Remember that Nevada law allows for a person to maintain a loaded and concealed firearm in their vehicle and allows for the open carry of a loaded firearm. (all this is without a permit)

The Utah Permit is NOT valid in the State of California or Nevada. In addition the states of CO, NH, MI, and FL do not recognize “non-resident” permits at this time.

**UPDATE** Do you need the ability to carry concealed in New Mexico or Kansas?

Fairwarning can help you with the certification to do this in the same class.

Why a Utah permit?

Utah permit does not require:

  • Range time
  • Registration or Listing of any weapons

Plus it is:

  • Valid for 5 years
  • Renewal by mail or Online for $15.00

After completing the FairWarning Course you need not do ANYTHING ELSE. FairWarning will take care of all paperwork, photos, fingerprints, fees, and assure personal delivery to the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification. (Utah BCI)